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Please come and love me. (i am home alone and want to be taken advantage of)

Party at stevens house. . .and no one is coming.
Parents will be gone till next sunday. . .if anyone wants to drop by it will be fun.
I in oly. The directions are psedo simple.
Get off I-5 at 93rd exit. Take a left. Follow that road till you past two stop signs go over a hill and reach springer hills ln.
Take a right (the only direction one can go on springer hills). Keep going on that road until you get to next non drive way road. Take a right this road is also called springer hills something.
Keep on this road until you get to a coldisack (sp) you know the thingys that are cirles. We are the last house on the road and are the only one on our coldisack.
Adress 2027 springer hills. Using mapquest and those services don't usually work due to the fact that they have maps wrong or something.
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